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Dr. Henning and Dr.O'Bryan are not in-network with insurance companies at this office. Their names may appear on your insurance list of providers, but this only covers the work they perform at those locations when they consult for other hospitals and clinics. They will help you file your out-of-network insurance claim. You may also call your insurance company and request that they cover the services at the in-network rate. Many people have been successful in doing this. It just takes some time and patience on your part to work with your insurance company.

Payment is expected at the time of service. The cost of a 60-minute session is $225. If you would like to reduce the cost, you may request a 45-minute session for $175 or a 30-minute session for $125. 

New Patient Information

Dr. O'Bryan &

Dr. Henning

9247 North Meridian Street

Suite 202

Indianapolis, IN 46260

phone (317) 843-1900

fax (317) 843-1900

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